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This Is The Root of All Chronic Disease | Naveen Jain on Health Theory

Naveen Jain Speaks On His App, Viome

Unconscious bias in technology—Priyanka Jain @ CES 2018

Naveen Jain started with an idea of what if an illness was optional? This idea gave birth to Viome - a mission-driven bioscience company focused on helping individuals improve their health. Technology can solve the world's most concerning challenges. If technology can help analyze the root cause of common diseases, there will be no more illness. Viome is working towards eliminating illnesses through technology. While the market for genetic sequencing for diagnostics is booming, attention to women's health is equally lacking. Priyanka Jain's Evvy aims to change this narrative on women's health. Evvy is one of the frontrunners in using nextGen sequencing to assess vaginal microbiome — and diagnose missing protective strains.

About Viome

Viome is a team of leading entrepreneurs, scientists, and physicians, committed to helping people understand what they uniquely need to be healthy and ultimately prevent & reverse chronic diseases. The company is pioneering artificial learning to analyze and aggregate biological data. Viome's AI technology can spot trends and influences to unlock scientific breakthroughs. Viome explores the connection between our genes and our gut microbiomes to establish patterns. These patterns will change the way we receive treatment by tailoring medicines for individual needs. Viome is exploring new frontiers in personalized medicine through advanced AI.

About Evvy

Approximately 30% of women are diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis (BV) every year, and 80% of cases recur within three months of effective treatment. Traditional healthcare research currently is unable to provide clarity on why these infections occur. Evvy is one of the first companies to extensively map women's vaginal health through easy at-home testing kits. Evvy can test the vaginal microbiome to determine the absence of protective bacterial strains. The absence of these strains can lead to vaginosis or other infections. Evvy empowers women with information about their vaginal health to design treatments in collaboration with their healthcare providers.

Technology has made giant strides in overcoming today's healthcare challenges, but there is still a long way to go. Viome and Evvy are creating waves in areas that were unexplored until now. The success of these two ventures is a testimony to what technology can achieve in the future.