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Naveen Jain - The Billionaire Mindset

Solve Problems Not Symptoms - Naveen Jain

Dream BIG with billionaire entrepreneur Naveen Jain

The Jains are an entrepreneurial family who believe in creating a better world through their efforts. Solving global problems such as education, healthcare, housing; are everyday dinner table discussions in the Jain household. The Jains believe that your imagination is the only limit to what you can achieve. Between the five of them, they have created and facilitated several companies. The goal, however, is not about profit or even creating opportunities where none exist. It is to solve issues that are plaguing human lives.

Humble beginnings

Naveen started his first venture, Infospace, in 1996 and Anu supported him through that journey. Hailing from a small village in India, Naveen moved to the Silicon Valley to shape his career and adopted the idea of the abundance mindset. Inspired and fueled by her understanding of various cultures, Anu started working for a cause dear to her, gender equality, and continues to work for it even today. All this while, she nurtured and was an inspirational mother to their children, now entrepreneurs in their own right. Working with organizations like the United Nations, Anu feels we are one step closer to achieving gender equality today.

Touching lives, one venture at a time

Entrepreneurship can be contagious. Unlike most parents, Anu and Naveen did not shy away from sharing their entrepreneurial journeys with their children. Weekends, and get-togethers, were devoted to making business plans. They believe that if more entrepreneurs devoted themselves to solving global problems, the impact would be significantly larger. This entrepreneurial environment inspired Ankur, Neil, and Priyanka to forge their own paths. Ankur started his first venture at 11 years old. Ankur has recently launched his latest venture, BILT, which offers innovative loyalty programs and the only credit card in the world with no fees on rent, for the next generation of renters and homebuyers.

When the children felt deeply about a cause, Naveen and Anu encouraged them to take action. They knew that the young creative minds would develop innovative ideas. As a young girl, Priyanka wanted to work for underprivileged girls and women as she realised that unlike her, millions of girls in the world do not have access to basic resources. When she was 14, Priyanka founded her first venture, iCAREweCARE, a global non-profit to educate girls in Afghanistan. Her current venture EVVY is focused on improving women’s health using technology. In June 2021, Priyanka launched her new product, an at-home vaginal microbiome test and wellness plan for women. Neil started his first venture team GenZ, a student-run group developing a diagnostic device for common diseases. Currently, he runs the Cos Mastermind Network, a vetted community of business professionals in NYC tech. The Jains believe every individual has the potential to think big. Infospace, Intelius, BlueDot, Talentwise, Xprize, MoonExpress, Viome, Humin, Kairos, BILT, Evvy, CoS Mastermind, and many others are touching millions of lives around the world. The Jains continue to work towards solving humanity’s large problems even today.