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Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Fireside Chat with Mood Rowghani & Ankur Jain

It’s Time for Us to Disrupt and Rebuild – Ankur Jain

Priyanka Jain at TEDxSF (7 Billion Well)

The power of youth through innovation & entrepreneurship: Neil Jain at TEDxUNPlaza

200+ Fellows. 5 turnkey solutions. 16 countrywide chapters. $ 6.5 billion worth of new companies, and so much more. This is the impact created by Ankur Jain’s venture Kairos. Kairos was born as a society to connect young entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts. The company has fostered many new ventures that focus on solving real-world problems like affordable housing, healthcare, and childcare while also creating 10,000 jobs in these sectors.

Helping others can be good for business is Ankur Jain’s philosophy. In 2008, he founded Kairos society to mentor entrepreneurs emerging from academic institutions. Kairos society is a network of mentors, industry leaders, and bright young minds looking for advice. The organization has expanded to more than 55 countries, gathering stellar young entrepreneurs and connecting them to this global network.

All girls should have access to education. It is a fundamental right and a necessity to emerge out of poverty. Since she was 14, Priyanka Jain has actively championed the cause of making education accessible for young girls in Afghanistan and other underdeveloped countries. She created iCAREweCARE, the first recognized student-led non-profit to leverage social media for social good. She currently coaches young girls globally to take up social causes as part of her role as the Youth champion of the United Nations' Girl Up initiative.

Neil Jain believes youth are the leaders of today, thanks to technology and access to infinite information. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Neil understood the power of connected entrepreneurs. He built a premier incubator for Schwarzman Scholars and Tsinghua University to educate, mentor, and support students in building businesses around global problems. Neil advises early-stage startup teams to find the right partners, develop viable products, and pitch their business to investors through this program. He is also currently educating and building a network of tech and business professionals in NYC through his venture CoS Mastermind Network.