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Life’s most persistent question is what we are doing for others - Martin Luther King Jr.

Leaving A Legacy

Anu and Naveen Jain Women's Safety XPrize

Anu & Naveen Jain - Discuss Intelius Community and Giving

Anu and Naveen Jain - Co-Chairs of Overlake Service League Luncheon 2009

Naveen Jain came to the United States with five dollars in his pocket. Growing up in humble backgrounds, both Naveen and Anu realize that they have been fortunate to receive the opportunities they did. Since the time they started their first venture, they have strived to give back to society. The Jains, through their Naveen & Anu Jain foundation, are associated with several philanthropic projects in areas such as healthcare for children, empowering girls and women, food, sustainability, education, and others.

Through the Naveen & Anu Jain foundation, the Jains actively participate in community outreach programs. Anu Jain is a director and board member at Bellevue LifeSpring, an organization serving underprivileged children in Bellevue, Seattle, WA. The organization provides food, clothing, education grants, and scholarships to underprivileged kids and their families. The foundation also works with Seattle children’s hospital and Overlake medical center to procure uncompensated care for children who do not have access to healthcare.

The Naveen & Anu Jain foundation is associated with several high-impact global organizations that work towards uplifting less privileged communities. Pratham is an organization that works towards providing access to education in remote corners of the world. Anu served on the advisory board of Pratham and oversaw the outreach programs during her tenure. Pratham has impacted the lives of more than 75 million children. Anu served on the advisory board of the United Way of King County, a non-profit that fights homelessness and provides access to education.

The foundation has championed the cause of women’s safety with its flagship endeavor, the women’s safety XPRIZE initiative. Women’s Safety Xprize is a million-dollar prize competition launched by Naveen and Anu Jain to catalyze tech solutions for women’s safety. Mentoring and empowering the youth to reach their potential is another area where the foundation plays an active role in collaboration with organizations like College Success Foundation and University Preparatory Academy.