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Anu Jain was born in India but has spent most of her life traveling around the world. At two months old, she moved to Israel. Her father being in the United Nations Peace Keeping force meant the family moved countries every two years. At an early age, Anu got a chance to understand more about the world, different cultures, and values. Anu observed that in almost every culture, girls were brought up differently compared to boys. Even when she traveled back to India to visit her grandparents, she was frustrated to be told not to do simple things like walking on the streets alone or be late to come home. When she faced the same challenges with her daughter, Anu decided it was enough! It was time to find solutions to make this world a better place for women.

Anu recently launched a $1 million XPrize competition to incentivize innovators to design a technology-based solution that sets a new safety standard for women. The idea for creating incentive-based solutions was to create awareness about women's safety, and the competition did just that. Anu is striving to do more to achieve gender equality. She describes her dream of an ideal world where irrespective of one's gender, one can reach their fullest potential without any restrictions. Anu is on the UC San Diego Health board of Advisors and their Science, Technology, and Global initiatives committee. She is also a founding member of the investing circle and advisory council member of the UN Foundation Girl Up Campaign that specifically focuses on empowering adolescent girls in the US and around the world and also focuses on STEM programs. Additionally, Anu is a board member of Bellevue Life Spring, a local Bellevue organization focused on helping children to foster stability and self-sufficiency, and is a member of Women Moving Millions.

Despite the work, Anu has also been an inspirational mother to her three children, now entrepreneurs in their own right. She worked alongside her husband Naveen in his early entrepreneurial ventures and has been a pillar of strength during the tough times. Anu is also passionate about women's health and is working towards eliminating health disorders through Viome, a company founded by Naveen. Anu wears several hats with ease, and she says women can do it all - it's in their genes.