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TWomen's Safety at Work by Anu Jain

Anu and Naveen Jain Women's Safety XPRIZE

As a child, Anu Jain traveled to many countries and experienced different cultures. She observed that women were not treated equally in most cultures. Anu wanted to change this and make gender equality a reality. After moving to the United States for higher studies and career, she started working with organizations that believed in this cause. Anu became an advisor for the United Nations' Girl Up Initiative. She is also an advisor to organizations that help advancement of women such as the Billion Dollar Fund, Women Moving Millions, and Girl Rising. Anu's work with these initiatives revolves around advocacy, fundraising, and advisory areas. As an entrepreneur, Anu felt she could do more for gender equality. She started a community relations program with Infospace, and even today, creates a culture of giving back amongst employees from an early startup stage, to help communities around her.

Girl Rising

Girl Rising is an organization dedicated to uplifting girls through education. It reaches 200,000 adolescents in 11 countries. As a partner on the advisory board, Anu brings her capabilities as a successful entrepreneur to build a network, oversee operations of programs, and channel funds.

Women Moving Millions

Women Moving Millions is an organization that fosters women’s development through community building, where Anu is a catalyst in crafting philanthropic collaborations to create impact. As an active member of the organization, Anu passionately champions the cause of gender equality. She devotes her time to catalyze unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls.

Xprize women’s safety awards

Anu is the Founder of the Anu and Naveen Jain Women Safety XPrize, a women’s safety-themed competition with the prize of $1 million for the winning team. The idea was to crowdsource the next big solution for enabling women’s safety and mobilize the next generation of change-makers and the competition did just that.

Girl Up (United Nations)

Anu has partnered with the United Nations’ Girl Up Initiative since 2014. United Nations’ Girl Up initiative is a global movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities. Gender equality is at the heart of the initiative. As a member of their advisory committee, Anu focuses on raising awareness about gender equality, advocacy, and raising funds for the cause by building a robust philanthropic network that can reach the remotest corners of the world.

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